Self-care for all the feels.

How it started.

Jenna Rodrigues grew her career as a graphic designer & brand builder for several disruptive start-ups. Professionally, it was da bomb. Personally, it was exhausting.

In 2020 she launched The Cure•ist as a way for Millennials to prioritize self-care while contributing to mental health awareness/causes.

No Bullsh*t Ingredients.

Turns out finding a truly 100% vegan, non-toxic, cruelty-free bath bomb is harder than you'd think.

So, we made our own right here in the USA. Our handcrafted bath bombs are packed with all the things you want (skin-safe scents and the highest quality ingredients) and nothing you don’t (parabens, phthalates and hard-to-pronounce garbage). 

Supporting mental health causes, one bath at a time.

We donate 5% of all net proceeds to BEAM Collective, which works to remove the barriers Black people experience getting quality mental health care.

We know this is just a baby step toward change, and as we grow, we’ll always find more ways to increase our collective impact.